Power Intros Peak Media: A product in high regards for 2014

Peak Media launches their demo reel; Best of Power Intros 2014. For the past few years, the Montreal creative studio has put in the hard work to refine the introduction of personalized songs : a product in high demands. The hottest hits on the chart presented with the flair of the station are...

Groupe 1981 – A Peak Media Trio Sep19

Groupe 1981 – A Peak Media Trio

The three radios of Groupe 1981, Voltage, Vibration and Wit FM entrusted to Peak Media the creation of their jingles for the fifth consecutive year. This year the keyword for the creation was : Prestige. Polished vocals, strong signature as well as an intricate musicality have contributed to...

Radio Contact jingles by Peak Media Sep11

Radio Contact jingles by Peak Media

Canadian-based production dropped new jingles for Radio Contact in Brussels, Belgium. Popular Top40 station now has new custom produced jingles originally sung in French. Check out official demo: