Brandy Jingles For Bayern 1

This fall, 13 cuts were customised by Brandy Jingles and given a friendly vocal sound for Bayern 1. The package consists almost exclusively of jingles that facilitate tempo switches.

They have been selected from various packages for Radio 2, JOEfm, 4FM and VivaCité. Each cut includes the familiar Bayern 1 logo. They needed to be vibey and have punch, while also sounding friendly and matching the format harmoniously.

Take a listen to Bayern 1 aircheck demo:

For 40 years Bayern 1 is one of the most successful radio stations in Germany. On an average working day the station reaches 2,92 million listeners (MA Radio 14/II), with 1,45 million being “best agers” (45-69).

Using the claim „Die beste Musik für Bayern“ (The best music for Bavaria) Bayern 1 broadcasts a mix of international Oldies and Pop songs mainly from the 70s and 80s.