New Christmas Jingles For CBN Radio

CBN Radio in the United States has launched a brand new jingle package by Capital of Media.

Founder of Capital of Media, Ant-hohoohoo-ny Timmers: “Anyone who knows me will confirm this: I love Christmas! So, I’m really jolly to finally unveil our latest Christmas package. With todays production techniques, our team created a package with a real nostalgic Christmas feeling. I think we have some really nice soundtoys for this Christmas!”

Rebekah Evans, Operations Manager at CBN Radio: “We had a great experience designing a new Christmas jingle package with Capital of Media. The team was very easy to work with and very responsive to changes and updates. I highly recommend this company for custom jingle packages.”

‘The Sound of Christmas’ by Capital of Media comprises 10 soundtoys including jingles, ramps and falcones.