Radio Dunav Fresh Kick 2020 With Floyd Media

Radio Dunav: Fresh AC kick for 2020

Positive, contemporary and fresh – That’s how new branding from Floyd Media sounds on Radio Dunav in Serbia.

This AC Jingles package contains 8 main themes, Top of the Hour, Promos, complete News, Traffic and Weather beds, commercial sounders + DJ talk beds. All cuts are based around custom 4-note sonic logo and station slogan “Tvoj Broj 1” (Your Number One) sung by top vocal talents.

On top of that, Floyd Media delivered all possible mix-outs, including acapellas and production workparts.

RTV Radio Dunav is one of the most influential AC & News stations in Serbia and parts of Croatia, with daily reach of 500,000 potential listeners and 48% market share in its main broadcast area.

This package is available for re-customization with your station’s name, slogan or sonic logo.

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