Thumbs Up For Frekvence 1

Frekvence 1, one of the leading radio stations in the Czech Republic, welcomes the spring with a new promotional campaign and new imaging. BRANDY JINGLES in Brussels has produced several packages of power intros and the station has now added new jingles. The reaction of Frekvence 1: “Wow”.

Frekvence 1 selected several basic cuts from the packages Mix ‘N Match and Fast Forward, originally produced for the public broadcaster MNM in Belgium. The sonic logo has been adapted to the Frekvence 1 logo and the vocals were done by Czech singers.

The station’s sound manager Martin Jansky is delighted with the result: “We choose Brandy because their work sounds so modern. We wanted to refresh our station sound the way they heard it. Sometimes I felt that they knew much more about our station than we do :-)”

For Martin and Frekvence 1 this was the 2nd collaboration with the Brandy team.
Martin Jansky: “My boss asked me if it wouldn’t be a problem to work on jingles more than thousand km away from our offices. But I already experienced it and can say that I don’t see any trouble at all. Brandy is a partner on whom we can rely on.”

This is what the package sounds like: