Tropik FM Sunny Jingles From Floyd Media

Tropik FM makes a switch to Floyd Media for a new station sound!

Custom produced jingles full of sunshine – A warm Tropical/Hot AC package for Tropik FM on Caribbean islands St. Barthélémy and St. Martin.

Floyd Media was asked to come up with new slogan in English, and “More Music for the Islands” brand was born!
Following the brief, 10-piece custom jingles package was produced for growing English speaking listeners audience. The package contains full range of mixes, including Basic ID’s, slogans, shotguns, hyper ID’s and set of workparts for each theme.

Mr. Magras, Programme Director wrote:
“The team wants to congratulate your studios for the work you did. Floyd Media gave us fantastic new jingles beyond what we were expecting. New slogan in English is superb!”

This package is available for re-sing and customization in other languages with your station’s name, slogan and sonic logo.

Visit Floyd Media for more details or email today!

Check out Tropik FM 2018 jingles montage: