WiseBuddah Radio 538 Jingles for 2018

In Summer 2018 Wisebuddah were commissioned to create the new sound of Holland’s number 1 station Radio 538, to go with the new message Radio = 538.
The package features 11 brand new themes and a brand new Top Of Hour reflecting the rapidly changing, cutting edge output of the station.

Chris Hartgers – Imaging Manager Radio 538:

“Working with Wisebuddah always feels like a creative reunion, the 538 and Wisebuddah teams always challenge each other to get the best result.
We always want innovate and push the jingles of Radio 538 to the next level, and In working with together with Marc, Ben and Steph Jansen we were able to take it further, better and more exciting than we imagined it could be”

Radio 538 Jingles montage: