Paradise FM Celebrates its 10th Birthday With Strike

We are happy to report that there’s already another radio station that has made “the switch” to Strike Jingles. Maybe it was the reason why it stayed sunny and nice in the Netherlands for a long time: the staff of Paradise FM, a well-known radio station on Curacao, were working in the Netherlands with the team of Strike Jingles. The cooperation has resulted in 5 IDs, a Top of Hour and news/weather/traffic elements. All tracks are composed for the Modern AC format that Paradise FM has, but caribbean Curacao can also be heard back in the music.

“This month, we’re on air for exactly 10 years. This will be celebrated on the island itself, but of course also on the radio.. with a new jingle package – made by Strike Jingles. Very nice how the entire process went. First extensive consultation about our specific wishes, together we checked the playlist of Paradise FM and then they went to work. To be honest, all tracks were “one takers”! The vocal recording sessions went great, we loved that we had influence during the sessions. Also the end-of-mix phase, with a lot of extra versions that we got, made it a very good cooperation!
On air? They sound VERY NICE and it gives a wonderful new sound on Paradise FM! “
, says Kees Baas (Owner/Director, Paradise FM).