Radio Signal: Locked And Loaded For 2015 With Floyd Media

Once again, the hottest radio station in Serbia turned to Floyd Media for a new imaging package.

Strong imaging pieces were produced with voiceovers with lots of attitude and original listeners clips. The team at Floyd Media also developed new rhythmic sound which jumps out every time DJs play it on air.

Station ID’s, sweepers, out-of-break and into-break kickers, promos, vocal workparts… all carefully produced to flow between current CHR playlist hits.

Radio Signal’s new branding immediately gave new punch & kick on air. Vladimir Vucinic, programme director got back with his impressions: “Radio Signal powered by Floyd Media sounds SEXY and FRESH again! We are proud to have partner like Floyd Media. They always bring inovation in our station imaging and this time it kicks out strong!”

Radio Signal Imaging Demo Spring 2015:

Visit Floyd Media website for more demos