Micro Shots: 400 FX And Workparts That Hit The Spot

Whether you’re doing production for CHR, AC, Rock or whatever…everyone needs ‘em. Those tiny, little fx you can squeeze in as a separator, breaker or to accent a message in your audio piece. Small bursts of energy that give your sweepers, ID’s and promo’s the finishing touch!

And now you get 400 of them in the new Micro Shots from Sticky FX. All highly usable for any format. Every Micro Shot comes in 2 versions, a long complete version and a shorter stripped one. So you’ll have absolute production freedom and you’ll always find an element that fits your production perfectly.

This package is a must have for everyone in radio production. Easy to use, blends well with sounds of other libraries and very affordable.

Check out the demo and track listing at www.stickyfx.com and get this bulk load of Micro Shots for your station today!